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Pittsburgh's Deck
Your Single Source for All Your Decking Needs

Dedicated to Decks:
We have the largest supply of IN-STOCK decking material and accessories to be found anywhere. Call, click or stop by and find out for yourself!

Experienced professionals:
With an expertise that comes from years of  building decks, go ahead - pick our brains.

Concise building plans
and material take-offs mean that your deck will not only be built to code, but at the most efficient cost possible. Forget the money, it kills us to throw away good lumber.

Keen to all that is new in the ever-evolving deck industry, we make sure you have  the latest product technology at your disposal. From fasteners to rail components, we are your one-stop reference point for all that is decks. Lots of cool gadgets come out every year.

Sensitive to your desires:
We personalize your deck project to reflect you. We=re not  therapists, but we know exactly where that happy spot is in your mind.  As  purveyors of leisure time products, we don=t sell decks, we sell happiness!


A patio deck, with its unique ability to blend your home's inner environment with the great outdoors, has quickly become the most sought-after amenity for both remodelers and home buyers alike. 

By thoughtfully blending custom design features to the needs and budgets of individual homeowners, DEK WITH US. has become not only the builder of choice, but also the supplier of choice for both Do-It-Yourselfers and contractors alike.

As the only supply yard in the Pittsburgh area catering to the deck industry, we are eager to show you that:
"...your deck is our passion."
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